ZOAK provides services to create, deliver and manage high performance software and web infrastructure that help businesses and governments.


Building on proven success

ZOAK is at the forefront of the software development and infrastructure provisioning industries. We offer our clients access to the capabilities and expertise responsible for creating, developing and delivering leading Australian and international technology solutions.

Proven by more than a decade of success drawn from our sister companies, AusRegistry, AusRegistry International and ARI Registry Services, ZOAK delivers robust, fit-for-purpose systems and support for our clients globally.


¬†AusRegistry is the custodian of the technology that helps contribute to powering Australia’s home on the Internet, the .au country code Top-Level Domain. We are the appointed Registry service provider for all commercial domain names such as .com.au and .net.au, and non-commercial domain names like .gov.au and .edu.au.

The .au country code Top-Level Domain is a national infrastructure asset comparable in importance to other utilities such as the electricity grid and water supply network. As a result, AusRegistry creates technology that empowers the daily lives of Australians; AusRegistry is trusted with the management and operation of the software and infrastructure that supports millions of .au domain names.


AusRegistry International is a proven specialist in the development, deployment and management of technology services in Australia and overseas.

In 2005, AusRegistry International was selected by the Australian Government Office of the Clean Energy Regulator to develop, manage and support the Renewable Energy Certificates Registry. The Clean Energy Regulator operates a number of schemes through the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (Cth). The system has been in operation without major amendment or re-engineering of the original concept, and over 200 million Renewable Energy Certificates have been created in the REC Registry since inception.

The Registry continues to handle complex transactions, well beyond the predicted volumes of the original scope and solution. The company, through a competitive tender in 2012 was again selected as the chosen provider to design, build, deploy and transition an enhanced system to serve the future requirements of the nation.

AusRegistry International also trades as ARI Registry Services.


AusRegistry International trading as ARI Registry Services is driving innovation and the expansion of the Internet through the delivery of world-class domain name Registry services. With over 10 years of experience, ARI Registry Services is in the top four leading global providers of domain name Registry infrastructure services and DNS services for generic Top-Level Domain and country code Top-Level Domain Registry Operators.

ARI Registry Services helps governments, major brands and entrepreneurs across the globe realise the full potential of the Internet by providing expertise, security and reliability in operating a core piece of Internet infrastructure.

Our recent influence is most noted in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, where we have delivered projects to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and South Africa. This includes the provision of consulting services, the development and operation of Registry services and the establishment of DNS services.

As a result of ICANN’s new Top-Level Domain program ARI Registry Services has grown to become a leading provider of new TLD Registry services with over 160 Registry Operators choosing our fully managed Top-Level Domain Registry service.